Strait's pirate is an action game with arcade aesthetic based in the scheme between two seas: the Gibraltar's strait, Cadiz, Spain. Here takes place a huge movement between continents. The pirates against the police, one side against the other. In this dark night you become a modern pirate, so run as fast as you can and scape from  the cops!


Move -> WASD 

Jump -> Space

Pause - > Esc


Ventura Pérez - Lead Programmer

Yago Gutierrez - Programmer

Jordi Escolá - Game designer

Marta Lara - 3D Artist

Charly - Music and sounds

...Me enseñó la fuerza y el poder,

el arte de saber, ganarle un pulso al tiempo,

pirata del estrecho...


Download 59 MB
Download 72 MB
Download 58 MB
Download 58 MB

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